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Dupont Lapeer Airport (D95) 1232 Roods Lake Road, Lapeer, MI 48446

To schedule aircraft or avionics repair or service contact: Lapeer Aviation
Phone: 810-664-6966
Fax: 810-664-5554

For Rotax Service or RANS info  contact: Rick Hayes
Phone 248-462-9338


Hayes Aero, LLC

We are your one-stop shop for everything you need to keep your Light Sport aircraft operating safely. Owned and operated by Rick Hayes, Hayes Aero is the repair shop that local Sport pilots have come to know and trust for superior maintenance and service with their Sport Aircraft.

Not only are we an authorized RANS dealer, but our shop performs Annuals and Condition Inspections on general aviation aircraft as well as experimentals and Light Sport aircraft. We stock oil, oil filters, and spark plugs for Rotax 912 engines.

Give us a call today at 248-462-9338 to see what we can do for you!

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Quick News

blue arrowHayes Aero has added a 2010 RANS S-6LS to it's fleet of rental aircraft. Contact Hayes Aero at 248-462-9338.



blue arrowHayes Aero has completed another fully-loaded RANS S-7S. This airplane is a beauty! This aircraft has sold already, but if you're interested in owning a brand new LSA aircraft, please contact Hayes Aero at 248-462-9338.

Hayes Aero, LLC


blue arrowNew 2015 RANS S-7S: The new version will include some very exciting changes. They are:

Aluminum Flat bar landing gear
. Much improved assembly, appearance, and dampened shock absorption. It also eliminates the gear leg fairing, for labor and part reduction. There is no weight gain with the new gear, even though the plane stands 4 taller, 7 wider, and 3 more forward.Simplified fuel system featuring a .75gallon header tank with fuel return to allow install of fuel injected engines. All pre-bent metal fuel lines have been replaced with flexible vapor proof fuel line. This also allows for the typical standard RANS style folding wings. A sump drain is provided in the header tank. Withdrawal points in the wings tanks are at the lowest point possible in special molded in protrusion on the bottom of the tanks. Useable fuel is 26 Gallons as a result, with a .75 gallon emergency reserve. Optional 2.75 gallon header tanks, up to two can be installed to boost the fuel capacity to 31 plus gallons.Removable rear control stick, this allows more bulky items to be carried during solo operations.Expanded metal lined baggage compartment. The crossing tube at the middle of the bulkhead behind the rear seat is now gone, opening up the baggage for easier loading and more space.Throttle has been changed to open with a spring. This allows for wide open throttle in the event of a cable break to the throttle.Engine system changes: Use of the Rotax Ring mount will allow the installation of the 912ULS, 912iS, and 914. No longer will the carburetors need to be switched from original position as in the prior mount, saving assembly time.

Follow Rick's build progress here!


blue arrowHayes Aero is expanding our Light Sport service by offering Light Sport aircraft hourly rentals in our RANS S-7S. Instructors and our new Five-Hour Insurance Package are available for scheduling. Click here for more information!

Hayes Aero, LLC RANS S-7S

blue arrowRotax announced the new 912 iS Sport engine at Sun 'n Fun . The new powerplant is very similar to the 912 iS fuel-injected engine the company launched two years ago and carries the same price tag. The 912 iS Sport delivers better torque than all other 912 engines, and has the same power rating and TBO. Current 912 iS engines can be retrofitted to the 912 iS Sport without any cost for parts until October 31, 2014.

The main difference is a higher-volume aluminum air-box that is 1.1 inches taller than the 912 iS. Also new are longer engine intake runners and thus slightly repositioned ignition coils. The engine control units (ECU) are now driven by new software that has a different calibration. The result is that the new 912 iS Sport not only has better torque than the 912 iS, but also the carbureted 912 ULS engine.

Aircraft fitted with the 912 iS Sport (instead of 912 ULS or 912 iS) will take off sooner, climb better, and burn less fuel. The Rotax 912 iS Sport engine automatically improves its fuel efficiency by switching to a lean ECO mode once the throttle is pulled back to a setting below 97 percent.

Hayes Aero will be installing this upgrade in our RANS S-7S when available around July.


Hayes Aero, LLC Rotax 912iS Photo
blue arrowHayes Aero has completed the installation of the new Rotax 912 iS into our custom built 'Bush" RANS S-7S airplane. Final FAA inspection for this airplane was completed in mid-April 2014. Please check back with us soon for a progress report and even a first flight report!

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